Students and staff are strongly encouraged to take LFD tests twice a week. These can be collected from Farndon Court, South Lodge, or the Reuben College Graduate Common Room in Linacre. 

You will need to report all the LFD tests you take yourself (however you obtain the LFD) to both the University’s Early Alert Service and the NHS – as soon as possible after you get the result.

Find out more information about the testing kits here


Please help keep our community COVID-safe by testing twice a week, every week.

You will need to book a PCR test if you:

  • have symptoms; or
  • have received a positive Lateral Flow Device (LFD) test result; or
  • have been advised you are a close contact of, or a member of the same household as, someone who has a PCR-confirmed case of COVID-19; or
  • have been instructed to book a test by public health authorities.

The University has a dedicated, free COVID-19 testing service in place to help students who show symptoms to get easy access to a PCR test. You are permitted to leave your accommodation during self-isolation to attend a testing centre. You can find more information here.