College life

As a brand new college, and the first to be established in the 21st century, Reuben is in the unique position of being able to define and direct both the qualities that we seek to characterise our community and the systems we develop to facilitate our purpose. Students who join Reuben College in its first few years especially will have an exceptional opportunity – and the responsibility – to help shape our ethos and activities.

Our aim is to create a vibrant, diverse and intellectually stimulating college community with a strong focus on addressing the big questions of the 21st century in an engaging and accessible way.

We have identified six core principles to guide our development and ensure that we evolve as a supportive community with people and well-being at its heart. These principles are:

  1. Interdisciplinary collaboration and academic excellence – we believe that brilliant minds working together across disciplines can inspire some of the most exciting and promising research to address the challenges of the future.
  2. Innovation and entrepreneurship – we are a purposeful organisation with an approach to challenges that embraces critical questioning, innovation, service and continuous improvement. 
  3. Solutions-oriented and impact-driven – we will support, facilitate and promote research that creates value for society.
  4. Outreach and public engagement – we are an outward-looking community with public engagement integral to our core mission.
  5. Sustainability and social responsibility – we seek to set an example for a sustainable, environmentally-responsible college, both in research and practice.
  6. Equality, diversity and inclusion – we operate with mutual respect and understanding to ensure opportunities are fair, equitable and accessible to all.

Our facilities, services and initiatives ensure that every individual can benefit from richness of opportunity in all aspects of their academic, professional and personal lives.

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