Where to study in College

The College building has a number of spaces where quiet, independent study or small group discussions/studying can take place. These areas are detailed below.

Please note our rooms, such as the Ground Floor Meeting Room, cannot be booked for private study.

Dining Hall


Available for use when cafe facilities are open (between 8am and 3pm), can be used for meetings and studying.

Room will be set up as it is for lunchtimes, but is free to use with no need for booking.

Ground Floor main lobby


Located next to the downstairs printer, there are 6 seats located here (3 high, bar stools, and 3 lower) for non-private study; perfect for using a laptop.

Hooke Entrance


An area set up with two sets of 3 chairs around a small table, and two sets of 2 seats around low tables. Please note that there is a piano free to use in this area and the space is a key walk-through to the Dining Hall.

Abbot's Kitchen Lounge

abbots kitchen lounge

Located at the entrance to the Dining Hall, there is a bar stool area available with a high table to put laptops, notebooks etc that can be used for up to 6 people for individual study, or four sets of chair and coffee tables (set up for 2 at each but could be up to 4); this is an ideal space for a quick meeting or discussion before/after lunchtime.


Details coming once the bar is open.

Reuben Library


The Reuben library is set up to use as a quiet, library space for formal, silent study for up to 22 people. This includes 2 height adjustable desks, prioritized for use by students who require these for medical or mobility reasons. 

And don't forget you are also able to use the Radcliffe Science Library spaces next door too!

Common Room


The Graduate Common Room (GCR) is available to use while the College building is open either for individual study, non-private meetings or informal study for small groups. It is an open space, used for walkthrough, but there are 5 small areas set up with some small coffee tables available to use for laptops, notes etc.

Ground floor break-out space


An open space for up to 12 people to meet for discussion, with small tables to use.

On the other side of the walk way there are 2 'Pods' for individual or pairs to meet, with small tables and charging points for laptops.

Entrance to function suite

pxl 20240110

There is a small table for use for up to 4 people to meet, located in the space before the Abbot's Kitchen lounge (and next to the lift). 

Tea point/Kitchen


11 seats available around tables meant to be used predominately as a space for lunch or coffee breaks, and is not for private study sessions for individuals or groups.

This space must be made available for students and staff to use as a kitchen at all times, so the door must be left open.



The Snug (located just off the GCR) is a casual discussion space for up to 5 people. Set up with bean bags, sofa and a small coffee table. 

Please note that while to door can be closed, this is not a soundproofed room.