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Students will find at Reuben College a vibrant, interdisciplinary, diverse and intellectually-stimulating College community with a strong focus on addressing the big questions of the 21st century in an engaging and accessible way.

This page offers the following information about the College provision to support students academic lives and learning at Oxford:

Overview / Problems Completing your AssessmentsCollege AdvisersGraduate Supervision Reporting (GSR)Feedback and ComplaintsOther learning support resources

Overview of academic provision

We aim to provide you with an academic experience that complements and enhances your departmental activities, supporting you to engage with a wide range of people across disciplines, professional career stages and types of expertise, including close association with public engagement, gardens libraries and museums, and entrepreneurship teams. 

Fellows and the Graduate Student Committee play a key role in developing initiatives to support the College’s aims, and may often work together to organise a range of interdisciplinary and collaborative events throughout the year. 

We offer a variety of regular events during term time, including:

Additional activities include:


Problems Completing your Assessments

Please see University guidance here Problems completing your assessment , outlining what to do if you are unable to complete your summative assessments on time. Please note that some processes require the college to liaise with the Proctors on your behalf while other processes can be initiated directly by yourself - Further student guidance

To help college apply for a further assessment extension  on your behalf, please fill in the following form Extension Request Form  and submit to the academic administrator at Please note extension requests can be made no earlier than 4 weeks before the deadline, and up to 14 days after the deadline date.


Exam Preparation: Know what to expect on the day for online and in person exams including what to bring, student conduct and regulations - Completing an exam

College Advisors

Each student will be assigned to a College advisor when they arrive at the College. The College Advisor is different from a Department or Faculty Supervisor(s), and is not responsible for directing your academic work or for giving detailed academic guidance. Your College advisor will not necessarily be from your department or subject area. Your College advisor is a focal point for your relationship with the College, and can offer general academic or pastoral advice and assistance throughout your course of study.

You will meet your College Advisor during your first term, and you are encouraged to contact your College Advisor as and when you need advice or help. (You should also feel free to consult other College officers as necessary: see below.)

Students will also meet with the College President (President’s Collections) annually. In these meetings, which function as an annual progress review, you will have the opportunity to discuss your experiences in the College and your Department, review your progress, and receive guidance and advice, as appropriate.

Graduate Supervision Reporting (GSR)

All graduate students are invited to complete the online Graduate Supervision Reporting (GSR) termly. This is an opportunity for you to reflect on the progress you have made, note any achievements and flag up any issues you may have. Your progress report will be viewed by your College Advisor, Senior Tutor or the Academic Administrator. They will follow-up with you or any relevant bodies, including your supervisor or relevant person in your department/faculty to discuss any appropriate response to support your studies here at Oxford. The GSR reporting is to assist departments/faculties and colleges to identify problems at an early stage and ensure that we provide the right support for you. Your faculty/department supervisor will also submit a report on your progress for the term.  

Feedback and Complaints

As a new college, student input will be crucial to the college as it establishes itself. For the first couple of years, students will be regularly asked to complete feedback questionnaires. The Graduate Common Room representatives may also bring matters raised directly to the relevant college committees for discussion. Student involvement in the discussion of academic policy in the College will be essential. As much business as possible will be taken in the open (rather than reserved) section of committee meetings. However, it is not expected that students would be present in meetings when cases involving specific individuals are discussed.

Reuben College has a written complaints procedure, drawn up following the latest guidance from the Office of Independent Adjudicators. You can find the complaints procedure here.  

Please see the student handbook for more details.