Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Productivity, entrepreneurship and innovation flourish in diverse environments, where different perspectives are shared, skills are exchanged, and conventions challenged. As an outward-facing community, we are eager to engage widely, harness innovation wherever we may find it, and reach broad audiences to add value to our research and activities. 

Innovation and entrepreneurship are qualities of a mindset that we nurture at Reuben to encourage students to embrace a spirit of enquiry, make the most of opportunities, and approach new challenges with resilience. We back this up by offering a vibrant programme of learning opportunities, networking events, and practical experiences that will help students develop the skills, attitudes and insights to succeed whatever their careers.

We intend to establish a state-of-the-art Digital Innovation Studio in the lower ground level of our building, which will provide a hub for efforts to cultivate innovation within the college. The Studio is to be equipped with immersive technologies, such as virtual reality headsets and 3D tracking cameras, as well as a video and audio podcasting suite, that will allow students to experiment with communication, collaboration and visualisation tools for both their own learning and engagement with wider audiences.  

While many in the College may be considered as “innovators” or “entrepreneurs” in their academic and professional lives, we have four Official Fellows whose College roles include specific responsibilities for leading cross-cutting initiatives and partnerships that contribute to the academic enrichment and cultural life of students at Reuben. 

  • Jeroen Bergmann is an engineer with a keen interest in Biomedical Entrepreneurship to translate engineering principles into tools and technologies that create positive social impacts in healthcare.
  • Peter Drobac is a medic, global public health specialist and social entrepreneur, who is Director of the Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship.
  • Stuart Wilkinson is the head of the Knowledge Exchange and Impact team (KEIT) for the University, where he works with a range of industrial and regional partners to support knowledge exchange, capacity development and collaboration across sectors.

Students at Reuben will find in Reuben College life a range of opportunities to explore industrial partnerships; hear from guest speakers outside academia; participate in innovation competitions; benefit from mentoring programmes; and learn in skills workshops. These will often be delivered in collaboration among fellows and students to foster innovation and allow positive impacts to grow from our research.