'The Reuby' - Student Magazine


The Reuby is Reuben College's student-led magazine, currently open for submissions for its first issue. The Reuby magazine serves as a creative outlet for our members and fellows run by students - a channel through which to give a voice to all Reubenites, and a platform through which they can reach out to the world, inspire and make an impact. The Reuby will offer, through science and art, an interdisciplinary and innovative treatment of 21st century challenges that includes news and actuality, feature articles, critical reviews, poetry and prose, and visual art.

The upcoming issue’s theme is 'Beginnings'. We will not further elaborate! How you interpret it is up to you. The deadline for submissions is on March 18th, and late submissions will not be considered.

Submission guidance

Feature articles
  • 600-1200 words
  • Broadly related to the theme of "Beginnings"
  • Preferably of an interdisciplinary nature and addressing challenges that individuals, societies or the planet are facing or bound to face in 21st century.
  • While we encourage depth and accuracy, the content should be accessible to a non-specialized readership.
  • No need for in-text citations but do provide a list of principal sources for the editors.

Art has a unique way of examining important subjects from new and varying angles, with the ability to confront moral, psychological, spiritual, and subjective questions that science cannot always deal with. The Reuby seeks out new forms and styles, alongside existing artistic traditions from all around the world.

Mixed art is more than welcome: photography with illustrations, visual with written, prose poetry, you name it. Feature articles or critical reviews about art are most welcome.

  • One piece or up to 3 short, related pieces.
  • There is no length limit but try to keep it under two pages.
  • Format should be either a word doc or pdf.
  • One piece.
  • Up to 1,000 words.
  • Format should be either a word doc or pdf.
Visual art

Up to 5 pieces. We might select less from the ones submitted.
Photography, painting, drawing, graphic illustrations, etc.
Submissions should be sent digitally. For example, for a canvas painting, send us a photograph or scan at the highest resolution possible.
One piece of visual artwork will be selected to feature on the issue's cover page. Your submission will be considered unless you explicitly state otherwise in your email.

Pitch your idea

Do you have an awesome idea you would like us to help you with? Do you have a story or a project you would like us to help you share? Let us know.

To submit your work, please send to thereuby@reuben.ox.ac.uk with your name and course. Please include the word 'Submission' in the subject line. You can use this email to contact us with any questions or issues.