Pre-arrival information for students

Starting a graduate degree is exciting, and at times can be a little overwhelming. Below, we've listed some things you should do before you join us, as you arrive in Oxford, and during your first few weeks here. 

Important Dates

  • You'll need to arrive in Oxford by Sunday 2nd October 2022, although some courses may require early arrival.
  • Freshers' Week is 3rd - 8th October, where a variety of induction events will happen in college and at your department.
  • On the evening of Wednesday 5th October, we're hosting our Freshers Dinner at the Museum of Natural History, where you'll have a chance to meet your college advisor over a drinks reception and dinner.
  • Matriculation will be on Saturday 15th October and is a ceremony that all students new to Oxford must attend.

If you have any questions, get in touch with

Check out the university's guidance for new studentsnew international students and information for students with families.  
Ensure you have returned your university card form. Your department will send you the form once you have met your conditions. Your university card will be sent to College where you will pick it up when you come for your enrolment, or when you arrive at Farndon Court.
Once your card form is processed, you will receive your IT activation details by email.  Make sure to familiarise yourself with university IT and what IT kit to bring (NB: Your department may advise additional requirements. Please check with your department).
Set-up your university wireless access. This is know as Eduroam. Most college and university buildings use this for their wireless access, meaning you'll be able to connect to wifi using the same network in College, at your Department, and across the city.
Start your university registration by logging in using your university Self-Service account. You will complete your enrolment when you register in person at college when you arrive.
Ensure that you have the necessary visa to enter the UK and check the entry procedures for entering England. If you need a student visa, your department will issue you with a CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies) number. You will need to collect your BRP (Biometric Residence Permit) from the Post Office.
Read the college student handbook and contract.
Make sure that you've signed up with a GP (General Practitioner), so you'll be able to access healthcare via the NHS if and when you need it. Find out what a GP does for you, register with a GP (this is essential) and ensure you are immunisations are up to date.
Set-up a UK bank account
If you need it, familiarise yourself with the Disability Advisory Service. We recommend that you speak to them sooner rather than later if you think you'd benefit from their support!
Read the welcome letter from the 2021-22 Graduate (Advisory) President.
Read up university's updates on Covid-19.
Starting at Oxford is an exciting time, but it is normal to feel some anxiety about making this move - particularly after the disruption of the last few years. Oxford Transition Support shares resources which can help you make the most of your time at Oxford.
Consider purchasing your academic dress.  Some places which offer them in Oxford are Shepherd and Woodward and Walter's.


How to get to Oxford.  If you are arriving at Heathrow or Gatwick, we recommend that you use the Airline Bus.
Pick-up your BRP permit at the post-office.  If it is part of your visa requirement, remember to register with the police
Complete enrolment by meeting with a member of the Academic Office. Dates and times for enrolment sessions will be confirmed soon.
Upload a copy of your passport and visa/BRP permit onto a secure portal. Further details will be provided with enrolment instructions.
Find your way around Oxford Libraries, Colleges and Departments.  
Find your way around Linacre College, Farndon Court and South Lodge (Academic Office).
Watch Bodleian Libraries' Induction Video
Familiarise yourself with the facilities at Linacre College; dining hall, gym, study space, music room, library.  
Find out what support will be available to you while you are here at Reuben.  
Check out Blackwell's bookshop.
Familiarise yourself with InkPath, our event booking tool. You'll be using InkPath to book onto a variety of College events.


Prepare for matriculation
Cycling is the quickest way to get around in Oxford.  Please refer to this travelling by bicycle page prepared by the university.  There are many bicycle shops in Oxford, one on Walton Street, in Summertown and on Cowley Road.  If you have not cycled recently or unfamiliar with cycling on roads with traffic, it is worth taking up the free training offered on the website.  
Arrange a one-to-one meeting with your college advisor. You will be informed who your advisor is before the Fresher's dinner.
Learn about Peer Support.  
Know who to contact if you need help.
If you are eligible, register to vote.  
Get to know the Careers Service.