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Resources about our IT facilities, signposting support and guidance.

Reuben College IT support is provided by our IT Manager, Alex Wooten.

Farndon Court router setup, see the Graduate Accommodation page

While Reuben is sharing facilities at Linacre College, please refer to their IT Support page for issues on site. IT | Linacre College (

For all other IT support queries email

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Setting up a SingleSignOn (SSO) account & Setting up, connecting to an Eduroam WIFI Account. 

Step 1.  

On your laptop or phone, connect to the OWL visitor WIFI network.  

This network is provided for visitors and requires no password to connect.  

Open the WIFI connection and click on OWL and connect.  

NOTE: This network is open and has NO password. It has limited access, but you will need a connection to activate your SSO & register for Eduroam. 

Step 2.  

To activate your Single Sign On visit the following webpage. Follow the directions to activate your account. 

Once you have activated your single sign on account you can set up Eduroam Wi-Fi in Step 3.  

Step 3.  

You should see a message saying your account will be active in 5 minutes. Once active open the following webpage. 

This webpage is for your IT services self-registration. Here you can change or update your Eduroam or Single Sign on password. You can also register and download site-licensed software or change Email (Nexus) options. I recommend installing Sophos antivirus from the Software section on the left side. It’s free while you have an active Bod Card. You can also install Cisco VPN software from this page.  

Choose the option to register for a remote access (Eduroam WIFI/VPN) account. Once you’ve set a password you will need to wait 15 minutes for the account to be active. 

NOTE: Your Eduroam Username is your reub0000@OX.AC.UK (The OX.AC.UK must be capital letters) 

You should now have 2 very important accounts set up for Oxford. Your Single sign on account and your Eduroam/VPN account.  

These accounts will have 2 different passwords.  

Depending on the service or website you are trying to use you may need to specify @OX.AC.UK  

If you find you are unable to sign into a site or service, try specifying @OX.AC.UK (in capital letters) 


With your Eduroam and single sign on account now active, you should be able to connect to Eduroam Wi-Fi. 

University guidance is here.  

If you are on a laptop or computer, you may simply click your Wi-Fi option and choose Eduroam. 

In the username section put your Eduroam account (example – reub0000@OX.AC.UK) remember to capitalise the 

Many computers will now connect without any issue. However, if you are unable to connect try using the CAT Eduroam method below.  

CAT Eduroam  

If you’re on a computer or laptop, visit the following webpage. This website is also accessible while connected to the OWL network. Follow the instructions and download and run the Eduroam Configuration Tool.  

Once completed you should be able to connect to Eduroam.  

Mobile phones 

With your Android: Open the Google Play Store and download the Eduroam CAT Tool. This will need to be done on a mobile data connection as the OWL WIFI network doesn’t allow access to the Play store. Use your single sign on with @OX.AC.UK and Eduroam password to connect.  

Example Username: reub0000@OX.AC.UK 

Apple iPhone: Visit in SAFARI and install the profile. Then allow and go to settings to trust the profile to connect. 

To print to the photocopier at Farndon Court, users will have to complete the following.  

  1. Associate your Bod Card with the Papercut system 

  1. Sign in at with single sign on. The website is only available when connected to VPN or Eduroam. 

  2. Click Webprint, upload files  

  3. Release your print job at the photocopier with your Bod Card 

Step 1 

To associate your card with your account, tap your card on the photocopier card location just to the right of the display. When asked for username put your Single Sign on [without OX.AC.UK]. For the password, use the 7-digit barcode number above the barcode on your Bod Card.  

Example username - reub0000  

Example password - 0010011  

This should complete and sign you in.  

You can log out now (Top right) 

Step 2 

Ensure you are connected to the university VPN or Eduroam and sign in at 

Step 3 

Click Webprint at the bottom left of the user screen. Click Submit a Job  

If you are offered a choice of printer please choose printing\FC_SecurePrint (virtual). This is the only printer you will be able to print and release jobs to at the moment. Any other printers are for staff use.  

Choose the number of copies to be printed. Click Upload Documents.  

Upload you file to be printed. Click the button or drag and drop. (Only Microsoft office files and PDFs are supported). Once uploaded click Upload & Complete.  

You should now be on the Webprint page and see the job being uploaded. Status will change to – Held in a queue.  

Step 4 

Now you can go to the photocopier and release your print job. It is here that you can make changes to print in colour/grayscale or to print 1-sided/2-sided.  

Tap your card on the reader to the right of the display screen. This should log you in if you completed step 1.  

You will see a screen telling you how many jobs you have waiting. Tap Print Release.  

On the following screen you can choose which items to print and choose to print 2-sided or in Grayscale (Black and white).  

Note: The default is 1-sided colour. You can reduce cost by choosing grayscale or 2-Sided. 

Tap Print. You job should start to print.  

If you have any questions or issues with printing, please email  

Once you have your University card you can take this to Linacre College reception during their opening times to ask them to add your card to their door system. Let them know you are a Reuben student and they will be able to give you the correct access. 

For access to Farndon Court, please contact the Farndon Court Caretaker at

For any other queries please email 

If you have a valid Oxford University card and have activated your Single Sign On account, you will be able to access 

This page is provided by Oxford University and allows you to make some changes to your account or download software you're allowed to use while you have a valid University card. The important areas I've highlighted below. 

Set, update or view Nexus mailbox settings

  • Here you can change your default email address to or any other department you are affiliated to.
  • You can also forward email although this is not generally recommended as it's important to keep email separate for data security reasons.

Register for and download licensed software

  • Download Sophos Antivirus software. You can use this full version for free while you have an active University card. 
  • Download the Cisco Anyconnect VPN software. This will allow you to connect to the Oxford VPN and access OU services. (NOTE: Do not give anyone your VPN details. Any suspicious activity on the VPN will be flagged and you may lose access.

Modify an alternative email address

  • This is important to do so that IT support or the College can contact you in the event you lose access to your university email or accounts.