Graduate Common Room

The Graduate Common Room (GCR) refers to both the physical space reserved for students of Reuben College to relax and work, as well as the general student body of the college. In the form of the general student body, the GCR operates as an independent entity within the college with its own by-laws and leadership team. (The GCR Constitution and By-Laws can be found here).

The term “GCR” is thus also sometimes used to refer to the committee of students elected by the wider student body to represent them. 

As the GCR represents the entire student body, and every student at Reuben College is automatically a member of the GCR. Every student is therefore electable for a role within the GCR committee. Elected officers and executives of the GCR host events, organise guest dinners and deal on behalf of the student body with College and University on manners such as welfare and the academic program. 

The GCR committee has organised the first ever Reuben-Linacre Ball, hosted multiple exchanges with other colleges, thrown a large End-Of-Year Garden party in Uni Parks, and represented the student body in successful negotiations with College regarding the Farndon Court accommodation. The GCR is also responsible for organising the non-College-led social events around Fresher’s Week.

Moving forward, the GCR is always looking for feedback on the student experience at Reuben as well as new inspiring ideas from future academic and social events. 

Meet the team

The GCR committee contains over 30 different officer positions such as IT officer, LGBTQ+ Officer, Part-Time Students Officer, Sports Officer, and Social Secretary for Term Events.

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  • IT Officer 
  • Publicity Officer 
  • Graduate Director of AI and Machine Learning 
  • Graduate Director of Cellular Life 
  • Graduate Director of Environmental Change 
  • Graduate Director of Ethics and Values 
  • Graduate Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship 
  • Graduate Director of Public Engagement with Research 
  • Arts Officer  
  • Charity Officer 
  • Disabilities Officer 
  • Environmental Officer 
  • Facilities Officer 
  • International Students Officer 
  • LGBTQ+ Officer 
  • Part-Time Students Officer 
  • Racial Diversity and Equality Officer 
  • Religious Diversity and Equality Officer 
  • SU Officer
  • Welfare Officer 
  • Women’s and Gender Minorities Officer
  • Alumni Engagement Officer  
  • Sports Officer 
  • Social Secretary (x2)
  • Social Secretary for Formal Dinners 
  • Social Secretaries for the Ball 
  • Welcome Officers 

These Officers are supported by the executive team of the GCR committee consisting of the President, Secretary, Treasurer, VP of Academic Affairs, VP of Community Affairs and VP of Social Affairs. At the moment, these positions are held by Jayroop Ramesh (President), Rachel Anscombe (Secretary), Christopher Bell (Treasurer), Wiktoria Luczak (VP Academic), Katherine Faulkner (VP Community) and Paul Heller (VP Social).

Get involved!

At the moment, multiple positions are vacant within the GCR committee. Send an email to if you would like to fill one of these positions, or if you would like to know a little more about some of them. 

It is however definitely not needed to become an officer or join the executive team to play an important role within the GCR. By joining one of the GCR meetings, or simply lending a hand at one of the events, you can already make a difference and contribute to what makes Reuben’s student community so special. 


Associate GCR Membership

Spouses, partners and former GCR members are able to apply for Associate GCR Membership too. Please see here for further details. 

Application forms should be sent to the GCR President ( and the Academic Office ( for approval.