Michaelmas Termcard 2021

 Enrichment Events for Reuben Students Michaelmas Term 2021

All events will be available for booking on the ‘Inkpath’ app

Thursday night seminars

The academic heart of the College lies in its Thursday night seminar series, facilitated during MT21 by the College’s Environmental Change Fellows. These tie together inter-theme discussion and a coming together of students and academics in communal dining, colloquially known, given their 2021-22 location in the University’s Museum of Natural History, as ‘Dining with the Dinosaurs’.  Given the centring of these talks in Reuben’s academic programmes, and the College’s mission to engage its students in interdisciplinary real-world thinking, for the 2021-22 academic year each student will access these exclusive weekly events completely free of charge.

Wednesday night Skills Talks

Reuben students are invited to informal skills and development talks every Wednesday evening in term Reuben’s Common Room at Linacre College. There will be interactive and engaged events, sometimes featuring outside speakers e.g. from the University’s Careers Service or Welfare Team. Within Reuben’s first term presentations will also be given by the College’s Public Engagement in Research Team, and by the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fellows, setting out the many paths for interaction and future engagement. Later in the term the College’s President, along with Fellows from the AI & Machine Learning and from Ethics and Values themes will collaborate to deliver a set of talks on Introduction to AI: applications and ethical implications, concluding in the New Year.


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