Harassment and Sexual Violence


All members of the Reuben College community have the right to expect professional behaviour from others, and a corresponding responsibility to behave professionally towards others. Reuben College does not tolerate harassment, bullying or victimisation in any form. You can read the Reuben Policy and Procedure on Harassment here.

The College has a number of Harassment Advisors (some of whom are fellows and some are administrative staff) and you're welcome to speak with whoever you're most comfortable with. The harassment does not necessarily have to have taken place in College. You can also approach an Advisor outside the College via the EDU Harassment Line, or can contact Advisors who are BAME, LGBTQ+, or who are experts in certain areas via https://edu.admin.ox.ac.uk/support.

All Harassment Advisers are ready to advise, in complete confidence, on any problems which might arise from alleged or apparent breaches of policy. Importantly, a chat with a Harassment Advisor does not automatically begin a formal complaint. The advisors are there to confidentially listen to your experiences, discuss your options, and provide support with any actions you decide to take. 

Sexual Harassment and Violence

If a student has been impacted by sexual harassment or violence then the Sexual Harassment and Violence Support Service provides a safe place for students to be heard, offering free support and advice. All specialist advisors at the service are trained to support students at their own pace, free of charge and in confidence.

The Service is a survivor-only provision and has its own dedicated safe space within 3 Worcester Street. They are independent of the college and academic departments. For an idea of what you can expect when contacting this service, Specialist Caseworker Amelia Hartley has written a blog about her role and how she supports students at Oxford.

You can find out more about the Sexual Harassment and Violence Service on their website and you can contact them to make an appointment by emailing supportservice@admin.ox.ac.uk.

If you need to visit a Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARCs), any member of college staff team (including sub-Dean and Welfare Dean) can order a free, anonymous taxi for you. There are SARCs in Bicester and Swindon

As well as health and medical support, SARCs offer post coital emergency contraception, HIV risk assessments, and forensic examination. Time scales for medical care and examinations vary from 48 hours to 10 days after the event, so we encourage you to attend a SARC as soon as possible should you need their support.