Grants for Academic Related Activities

All Reuben students may claim up to £225 per annum for academic-related support while within fee-paying liability. This includes conference support, language or other academic courses, and/or relevant expenses. Any unclaimed amount can be carried-over to the following year whilst a student is within fee-paying liability at Reuben. For example, a DPhil student can claim up to £225 in their first year. If they only claim £125 in the first year, that leaves £100 to be carried forwards. This is added to their £225 allocation in their second year and allows them to claim up to £325 over two years. They can carry forward any unclaimed amount to their third year in the same way and add it to their per annum allocation of £225.

Grants will be dispersed by accounts following application and assessment, which will include Reuben College contacting programme leads to see if sources of funding are already available within the programme, so it would be wise to check other sources of funding (within your department/supervisory group etc) before applying for academic funds from Reuben. Awards will require sign-off from the Academic Administrator. Part-time students are eligible for the same funding on a pro-rata basis. With the exception of "writing-up grants" only student within fee liability are eligible.  

Example uses may include: 

  • Grants supporting Conference attendance
  • Grants for courses offered through the Language Centre
  • Grants for Thesis Printing and Binding
  • Contribution to IT related expenditure (where there is not support provided through the course or departments and there is a clear case as to why this is required).

Please note: The College will not normally provide support for fees for strictly academic or professional qualifications, or towards the costs of course or fieldwork (for which do enquire with your department as appropriate).

In exceptional cases, the College can disperse a "writing-up grant" for a student beyond fee liability (all other academic support grants being for students within fee liability). Grants of up to £350 can be awarded to DPhil students in their first or second year beyond fee liability, and within two terms of their expected date of submission. Applicants must demonstrate why they need funding, this is not an automatic grant. 

Applications can be made here.