Grants for Sports and Wellbeing

The College has dedicated funds to support student well-being and participation in sports 2022-23. Grants will be given on the authorization of the College’s Welfare Dean or Senior Tutor, and will not normally exceed £100 per student per annum (or £150 for students applying for funds in connection with Blues/Half-Blues expenses). Example uses may include: support towards Blues charges or kit, sports equipment, course fees, or participation in clubs, music or welfare classes

Facilities otherwise provided free of charge (e.g. gym membership) will not be supported. There is no guarantee of grants being given, and should the funds be exhausted within the academic year, no further grants will be dispersed.

If you are in any doubt as to whether an activity will be covered by a grant, please seek pre-approval prior to purchase: proof of expenditure will be required once authorized.

Grants supporting Sports and Wellbeing


All on-course graduate students within fee liability


To support student participation in sport and other organized activities that enhance well-being


Normally a maximum of £100 per annum (or £150 for students applying for funds in connection with Blues/Half-Blues expenses),  but with grants unavailable if funds (released on a termly basis) are exhausted. Part-time students are eligible for the same funding on a pro-rata basis.


Grants will only be given for specific purposes, not general expenses. Once received, applications will be reviewed by the Senior Tutor and/or Welfare Dean and any grants made will be subject to proof of purchase/receipts