Reuben Group-based Academic Activities

Each Reuben ‘Theme’ has dedicated annual funds for its academic activities, and will have its own mechanism for discussing and agreeing the distribution of these funding, to include support for Thursday night events. Proposals for the initiation and implementation of themed seminar series, conferences, talks, etc. should be discussed with the relevant Theme Lead:

AI & Machine Learning:
Cellular Life:
Environmental Change:
Ethics and Values: and

Initial applications should normally be submitted in the form of a one page proposal (including a budget break-down), and will be assessed on criteria including:

  • the strength of the application
  • the relevance of the proposed theme
  • the likely success and impact of its implementation.

Applications of an inter-disciplinary nature are particularly encouraged.

Activities proposed should be held in College. Only for very exceptional logistical reasons will events located outside of College be approved, and, in such exceptional cases, the majority of participants should be from Reuben, and the academic content be of strong interest to College. Activities should be implemented within 12 months of the funding decision being made.