2.1 Registration
2.2 Medical Registration
2.3 College Induction
2.4 Arrival Information for International Students
2.5 Oxford Newcomers' Club
2.6 Matriculation

2.1 Registration

All students are required to register with the University online before the start of their course. You will be sent a login name and password by the University after you have submitted your university card form.  The details are emailed to the email address you have provided to the university. This will activate your university IT account and give you access to the Student Self-Service and Self Registration page where you can activate your Eduroam (Wi-Fi/VPN) account and download software provided by the University. Students on courses lasting more than one year will need to register annually, at the same time of year as their original registration. Once registered, you will have access to your own record at the University and can update your personal details, print an enrolment certificate etc. 
When you arrive at Oxford, you should come to the College Office at South Lodge to collect your university card. Collection times will be provided in the pre-arrival information leaflet.  

2.2 Medical Registration

All members of the College are required to register with a local Doctor, ideally prior to your arrival. You are advised to register with the College Doctors at Dr Leaver & Partners (Jericho Health Centre, New Radcliffe House, Walton Street; phone 01865 429993). If you decide not to register with the College Doctor, for example if you already have a local Oxford GP, you must provide the College‘s Academic Administrator with your own local doctor’s contact details in case of an emergency by emailing

2.3 College Induction

The College will hold an induction programme at the start of Michaelmas Term (according to the timetable issued by the University, so as not to clash with Departmental inductions). The programme will focus on orientation to the city, the University and the College, on disseminating practical information and on enabling the students to get to know each other.  

Given the wide range of nationalities and cultures which will be represented within the graduate student body, Reuben College will ensure that social activities during induction are organised with sensitivity to diverse cultural backgrounds and encourage full participation by all students to facilitate social integration at the very earliest stage of their academic career.  

2.4 Arrival information for International Students

Student Visa 
Students with a student visa need to collect their visa card (Biometric Residence Permit) as soon as they arrive in Oxford. The cards must be collected from the Post Office in St Aldate’s. You will not be able to enroll at Reuben until you have collected your card. 

Registration with Police 
If you are required by your visa conditions to register with the police, you must do so within 7 days of arriving in the UK.  

2.5 Oxford Newcomers’ Club

The Oxford University Newcomers' Club is run by volunteers whose aim is to help the newly-arrived partners of visiting scholars, graduate students and newly appointed academic and administrative members of the University to settle in and to provide an opportunity to meet people in Oxford. They arrange social events and outings, keep-fit courses, social meet-ups including those with children, and have an equipment store. See the website for further information. 

2.6 Matriculation

All new students on degree-bearing courses will be required to matriculate. Those who have previously matriculated at Oxford, for a prior degree, are not entitled to do so again. Matriculation is a formal ceremony marking your admission to the University of Oxford and, as with in-person exams, will require participants to wear full academic dress (known as sub-fusc).  

Traditionally Matriculation it is held on the Saturday ending 1st week (thus, in 2022, Sat 15th October). Students who are not in residence at this time, for example students on part-time courses, are normally required to matriculate in person at an event later in the year (in January, for example). Dispensation to graduate ‘in absentia’ is occasionally permitted by the University Proctors, and more so during pandemic situations. Most student bodies will organize informal parties to celebrate on the evening after the formal October ceremony,   

In full academic dress (‘sub fusc’) your clothing should be suitable for a formal occasion, including a white shirt and dark (normally black) suit (trousers/skirt/jacket): specific details can be found here. Please be aware that any student who is not appropriately dressed for any physical matriculation or degree ceremony will unfortunately be unable to participate.  

For matriculation and university exams you will also need to wear an academic gown and mortar board (or soft cap). For most Reuben students the gown will be an ‘Advanced student gown).  

The wearing of Gowns outside of official ceremonies 
Gowns are worn in Oxford for some occasions outside of matriculation, examinations and degree days. Most commonly, many colleges require gowns to be worn at ‘guest nights’ and ‘formal dinners’. For Reuben, this is currently optional, allowing the college body to together discuss and decide as to the conventions it wishes to adopt.