Further College Facilities & Events

8.1 Graduate Common Room
8.2 Meals
8.3 Guest Rooms
8.4 Room Bookings
8.5 College Events
8.6 Bar
8.7 Lockers
8.8 Sports Facilities and Linacre College Gym
8.9 Music Practice Room

8.1 The Graduate Common Room

The ‘Graduate Common Room’ and ‘Graduate Common Room Exec/Committee’ are terms often used interchangeably.  Technically (and perhaps unhelpfully) there is no physical graduate common room – all members share the same space, and historically the Graduate Common Room (known in many other colleges as MCR) is a term used to refer to the collectivity of graduate students in a college. That collectively elects from amongst itself graduates to represent their interests in college committees, act as welfare reps, party organizers etc.  This is a GCR ‘executive’ or ‘committee’ but again, for shorthand is often referred to simply as the ‘GCR’.

As the representative body for all students at Reuben College, the GCR [Committee] works to develop and promote opportunities for students to fully engage with the academic, social, sporting, cultural and recreational life of the College. It also represents members in their corporate relations with societies, colleges’ clubs and other bodies across the University of Oxford.

All on-course students at Reuben College will be electors to the Graduate Common Room, and elections will take place in stages during Michaelmas and Hilary Terms, for the new officers to take up their functions at the beginning of the next term. A staggered series of elections will allow for the participation of students on taught as well as research courses, and for the transfer of skills and experience between committee members. The composition and breath of the GRC will be agreed in conjunction with student members. The committee will be re-elected annually and would expected to encompass the standard positions (President, Social Secretary, Treasurer, Welfare Officer, Equality and Diversity Officer, Housing Rep) as well as potentially Reuben-specific posts.  

8.2 Meals

The Linacre Dining Hall is open throughout the year except, although there may be a reduced service during some short periods. Announcements will be made when this is the case.

Normal meal service is cafeteria (self-service) style, and the College attempts to cater for as wide a range of diets and preferences as is possible. By showing your University card at the till you will be entitled to student subsidised prices. Meals will be charged to your battels account.  The dining-hall also accepts payment by debit/credit card but this will not entitle you to subsidised prices.  Non-Reuben members pay by debit/credit card.

The standard pattern is of breakfast, lunch and dinner Monday-Friday. There are no meals on weekends and Bank Holidays. Dining Hall opening hours are available on the website. The cost varies according to what is eaten. Students may take as many or as few meals as they wish.

Students are encouraged to bring in guests and no signing-up is required for normal everyday meals. Only Reuben student members are entitled to the subsidised student prices. All guests and other members (e.g. ‘continuing members’), are charged nearer the full economic price for a meal; Value Added Tax (VAT) is chargeable on all non-student meals.

Formal Halls

There will be a Reuben Formal Hall dinner on Wednesday evenings (weeks 1 —8) at 7.30 p.m. (preceded by an early takeaway evening meal from 6.00¬6.30 p.m).  Students can book up to 3 guests for any one formal hall.  Charges for the Guest nights are available here and bookings can be made on this booking site.  You must sign up for Guest Night dinners by 9.30am on the previous Monday.   Week 5’s formal hall is known as Halfway Hall.  Instead of the usual 3 course meal, a 4 course meal would be served on that evening. 

[Linacre College holds Linacre-only guest nights every Tuesday and Thursday in term. This means there will only be an early evening meal service on these nights.]

Formal Halls will normally be preceded by informal ‘skills talks’ in the Reuben Common Room at Linacre (see Section 7.4). Students are welcome to attend both, or either, signing up for each independently.

‘Dining with Dinosaurs’

In recognition that Reuben lacks its own dining spaces 2021-22, and to promote intellectual exchange, Reuben students are being invited to dine on Thursday nights in term-time at the University’s Natural History Museum. These meals are available to Reuben students who attend the prior lecture (see Section 7.4), free of charge, with the expectation that diners will engage in discussion flowing from that lecture, during the meal, often with particular questions given by the speakers to be considered there. These dinners cannot be transferred to others, or exchanged for other benefits. You must sign up for Dining with Dinosaurs through InkPath by midnight on the previous Monday. From 11 Nov, each Reuben student can bring one guest at a cost of £25 for student guests and £30 for non-student guests.  Cancellations, menu changes and changes to dietary requirements cannot be made after the booking deadline.  If you have booked a guest and your guest cancels after the deadline, no refunds can be made.  You are welcome to find someone else, with the same dietary requirements to replace your guest.  Please let Chloe Mak (chloe.mak@reuben.ox.ac.uk) know of any changes to your guests.   [Although free of charge to Reuben students attending the prior seminar, to avoid waste, late cancellations and ‘no shows’ will incur a charge].

8.3 Guest Room

A twin-bedded room at Linacre College is available for guests of members of the College and may be booked through guestroom@liancre.ox.ac.uk, from where the scale of charges is also available. Letting will normally be for a period of not more than fourteen nights. A cancellation fee of 50% is payable unless cancelled with more than 7 days' notice. The full charge is payable if cancelled within 24 hours or upon non-arrival. The College member booking the room is regarded as guaranteeing subsequent payment of appropriate charges.

8.4 Room Bookings

The Tanner Room and CTI Room at Linacre College may be booked through the Steward & Hospitality Manager at Linacre College for meetings of College clubs and societies. Bookings for teaching rooms should be made through Reception. They may also be booked for meetings of other bodies provided that a member of College is always present who will be responsible for the organisation of the meeting and any costs or expenses incurred. AV equipment is available. Permission for all meetings involving outsiders must be obtained from Reuben Senior Tutor not less than 7 days beforehand. A charge will be made for the use of rooms by anybody not consisting entirely of members of the College. All meetings must comply with both Linacre’s Freedom of Speech Policy , and Reuben’s equivalent policy. The Nadel Room can be used, by advanced booking with the PA of Linacre’s Principal, for students wishing to host a quiet meeting with their supervisor or academic visitors. Small, informal gatherings are also possible, but food is not permitted.

8.5 College Events

All events held at Reuben College will be listed on the InkPath app, with attendance at events are booked through the app.  All students are thus asked to download the app onto their phone or tablet through Google Play or Apple Store.  You can also log into InkPath using a web browser. 

The app is free and you have to set-up your account when you first start using the instructions provided.    When attending events, remember to bring the device with your app so that you can confirm attendance and provide feedback at the event or log-in using a web browser. 

Fellows and students will play a key role in developing initiatives to support the College’s aims, and stimulating its academic life by organising events such as seminars, workshops, lectures and reading groups. Students are encouraged to attend at least one Thursday talk or Wednesday skills seminars fortnightly. 

Students are also encouraged to put on and get involved in a wide range of student-led social activities within the Graduate Common Room. These events could take the form of formal exchange dinners, bar nights, international evenings, garden parties, sports competitions, movie nights, pub quizzes, and much more. Students who are interested in helping to organise such events might consider running for elected positions within the GCR Committee or getting in touch with the GCR Executive through Lauren Bolz (graduate.president@reuben.ox.ac.uk).

8.6 Bar

Reuben College will be using the bar at Linacre College.  It is open from 12.00 noon to 2.00 p.m. and from 6.00 p.m. to 11.00 p.m. on weekdays and 7.00 p.m. to 11.00 p.m. at weekends. The bar is “Members Only” with drinks charged via the University card. Only on larger social events can non-members purchase drinks for cash.

8.7 Lockers

A limited number of lockers are available for Reuben students near Reuben College Common Room at Linacre College.  A deposit of £20 is required.  Deposit payment is made through the University Online Shop.  Once you have made your payment, please make an appointment to see the Academic Administrator to collect your locker key.  The £20 deposit will be return to you as a credit on your college’s personal credit account when you return your locker key.   

8.8 Sports Facilities and Linacre College Gym

Linacre has a very active sporting tradition, including an active boat club (in collaboration with Nuffield College), touch rugby and football teams which play in various inter-College leagues. Other sports offered include tennis, squash, table tennis, yoga, darts, pool, boxing, and weightlifting. For more information on team membership or College sports contact the Common Room Sports and Recreation Secretary .

The Common Room owns two punts. A permit authorising you to use the Linacre punts, which are kept at Wolfson College, can be obtained from the Reception Office during the punting season.

Use of the gym and fitness equipment at Linacre is free to Reuben College members and their guests (one accompanied guest per member), subject to completion of a Gym Membership Form, Medical Form and attendance of a short Induction given by the Gym Manager. Please email the Gym Manager for further information.  All users must note and abide by regulations posted in the gym about the use of the fitness equipment.

Squash Court

Students have access to squash courts which current students can  book to train or play matches on.  The courts are owned by Jesus College and are just down the road from the main Linacre site - out of Linacre turn left towards the centre of the city and the squash courts are a small building on the right hand side of the road, about 200m away just before you get to Balliol's new accommodation buildings. 

You need to make a booking by emailing lodgeopen@jesus.ox.ac.uk requesting the times you want to use the courts.  Once you have an email back accepting your request, show this to Linacre College reception and they will issue you with a Salto access fob for the courts.  There are 3 courts so you should be reasonably able to obtain a slot at any time you wish.  The lodge will retain your bod card as a 'deposit' and return this to you when you hand back the fob.  

8.9 Music Practice Room

There is a Music Practice Room in the basement of the Abraham Building with a new Yamaha piano, There is Yamaha clavinova in the small Common Room and a Bluthner upright piano in the Thomas Linacre Room located within the OC Tanner Building. Headphones for silent practice on the clavinova are available from Reception. Use of the instruments can be booked at Reception who will provide advice on possible time restrictions and availability. In consideration of others practice of other instruments should not take place after 9:00pm or before 8:00am.